Education in China

Education System

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China Education System


Higher education institution qualitative enhancement

Key milestones:

In 1950, the structure of higher education estanblished, with much emphasis on institutions of science and engineering

Since 1995, 211 Project, 112 key universities

Since 1998, 985 Project, 38 key universities

Since 1992, National-scale mergers (708 HEIs merged into 302 universities)

Since 2002, Three types of qualified Assessment

Since 2004, the Higher Education Evaluation Center (HEEC) was set up by the Ministry of Education (MOE)

Academic Degree Committee of the State Council

Non-governmental organisations affiliated with the MoE


Since 1995, cooperation with foreign institutions

Peking University: 15 teaching hours = 1 credit
Fudan University: 18 teaching hours = 1 credit

HE Grading system

A: Excellent (85-100%), A:90-100% A-:85-89%
B: Good (75-84%), B:80-84% B-:75-79%
C: Satisfactory (65-74%), C:70-74% C-:65-69%
D: Pass (60-64%)
F: Failure (0-59%)